How Far Back Do Credit Reports Go? Ask the Credit Pros at (877) 289-1270

How Far Back Do Credit Reports Go? Ask the Credit Pros at (877) 289-1270

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In this video we discuss credit reports, specifically how far back they go when reporting data about you. Most people are aware that they have a credit report with the three credit bureaus (TransUnion, Experian and Equifax), but are not sure how long information stays on their report or how it can affect them.

Credit scores affect nearly everything we do in today’s world, so understanding your report is an important step in getting the best rates and opportunities available to you.

Did you know that inaccurate credit information can be removed from your credit report? It’s true, but you need someone in your corner who knows the process and can force the credit bureaus to delete inaccurate information they are reporting about you.

At the Credit Pros we specialize in helping you get negative information deleted from your credit report fast, and the best part is you don’t pay anything UNTIL the negative information is deleted.

We are credit repair specialists and know the law, DO NOT try to take on the credit bureaus alone!

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