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If you decide to buy Facebook views from us you will be pleased that your Facebook video will receive more views than you paid for. You will also be pleased to see the engagement and reach of your video improving.

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The Video Views Difference

We are the leading seller of Facebook views, generating high-retention real human views of the Facebook video on Facebook itself. We were the first on the scene and we remain the highest quality, most affordable option.


We increase the engagement levels (likes, comments, shares etc) for your video with the help of our high engagement Groups and Pages which have quality Facebook members.

We can also restrict the engagement if you only want views. Just inform us in the Order notes where you add your video link and we will not expose your video to any high-engagement networks.


Maximise Your Value!

Many Video Views customers are linking their Facebook video to YouTube, Vevo, Vimeo etc to increase the exposure free of charge. Facebook’s call-to-action button sends traffic to anywhere you want people to go. Make sure you use it!

Also consider creating very short teaser videos, because people will want to click through to see the full version at the end, and because on Facebook it is the short videos that go viral more than full length videos.

Don’t just buy video views and sit back thinking your videos are going to perform. Your hard work starts before you even upload the video.


Your video (most often) needs to be as short as possible – less than 2 minutes 30 seconds is ideal. Your content needs to catch people in the first ten seconds with something that retains them for the first 30 seconds. Your video needs to titled correctly and optimised on all platforms.

The principles for optimising a YouTube video also apply to Facebook videos. For more information on how to optimise videos CLICK HERE, and for more information on what makes videos go viral, CLICK HERE.