Buy YouTube Views Safely

When you buy YouTube views, don’t go too cheap. Purchase exposure that is safe, AND helps your video grow on its own naturally. Paying a few bucks less for dirt-cheap, ‘spammy’ views only makes the view count larger. Everything else will be damaged.

Buy YouTube views safely not cheaply

Stay safe, shop sensibly

We are a tiny bit more expensive than the cheapest for many reasons. Our views are real. We ensure high viewer retention. The engagement we generate is with quality, relevant people. See more about how we categorise videos HERE.

Buy YouTube views safely with social media

Go social, build value

Social media is the best way to increase YouTube views, and that’s how we do it!

Also, with Facebook’s new call-to-action button, viewers click directly to the YouTube / Vevo video. Upload a short teaser video on Facebook that makes people click through to your other online properties.

Make it easy to connect on social media and have a closer relationship with your YouTube Channel. Get your social media system properly connected before you buy YouTube views.


Increase Views Naturally

The YouTube video’s settings should create organic views (more info HERE). Social links need to be instantly visible and pressable on mobile phones. Content should be the right quality and type to encourage sharing.

Understand virality before you buy YouTube views

Viral Video Research

Here are a couple of examples of recent research on viral videos…

Elon University

CLICK HERE for a summary on what makes videos go viral conducted by Elon University.

The following things are most common:

  • Short title length (3 words or less)
  • Short run-time (3 minutes or less)
  • The element of Laughter (70% present)
  • The element of Irony (90% present)
  • The element of Music (60%)

The elements of Surprise, Youth and Talent were found to be important, but not as common.


The Ehrenberg-Bass Institute

Research by the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute proved video success comes from Distribution. It’s the number of views that increases sharing the most. Even if the video is fantastic, this has very little bearing on total virality if audience exposure is low.

Browse a summary of this YouTube views study HERE.


A video exposed to a small number of viewers will stay small. Even the best viral videos will not get big without being pushed out to a wider audience. Good creative quality also increases sharing. Specifically, good quality sound, and the presence of high-arousal state emotions (Ha) in the video.

Optimise your social properties before you buy YouTube views

So, video success is not just the number of views. The challenge is how to increase the shares-to-views ratio. A video with 10,000 views could be more naturally “viral” than a video of 10,000,000. However the bigger video will be more successful overall.

When you buy YouTube views, make sure the views are high-retention. Make sure people are engaged. Make sure viewers receive social signals that make them feel comfortable sharing it.

For more information on what makes videos go viral, CLICK HERE.